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All you need to know about Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born on May 8, 1975 in Madrid, Spain. He is the youngest son of internationally known Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and his wife, Isabel Preysler, a model turned journalist who was born into a wealthy family in the Philippines. Enrique has an older sister, Chabeli, born on September 3, 1971 and an older brother, Julio Jr. born on April 23, 1973.
His parents were married on Janurary 20th,1971 in Toledo, Spain and seperated in 1978.They divorced a year later in 1979. Enrique and his siblings then moved to Miami, Florida to live with their father Julio.

Star Sign: Taurus

Residence; Miami, Florida

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 187 pounds

Religion: Catholic

Pets: Dogs named Grammy and Lucas

Drives: A porsche and Black SVU

Shoe size: 10

Favorite Foods: Anything Cuban, Pizza, Burgers, fries

Favorite Sport: Windsurfing in the caribbean

Favorite Body part: His Eyes

Least Favorite Body part: His skinny legs

Would he pose nude: NO!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!.........sorry ladies

Favorite Perfume: Obsession and the natural smells of the body

Favorite Color: Black and Grey

Favorite Item of Clothing: His hats

First let down: His parents divorce

Last time he cried: Writing a song

Worst thing he ever did: Burnt his childhood dog.

Interesting facts: He never wears a watch and only carries on him. He firmly believes in love at first sight. He believes in outer space. Apparently.......he sleeps with a pillow between his legs. He brushes his teeth five times per day. He loves it when a girl caress his hair and neck the most!!!


-my career

-my few, but good, friends

-my fans (I am amazed by the sacrifices they make to follow me and to be with me).

-going out dancing at night and sleeping during the day

-my blue hat

-Volkswagen bug convertibles

-watching 'Bloopers' on television

-eating hamburgers and french fries

-hiding backstage before a show and watching people come in

-people (They're the most incredible thing!)

-feeling like a winner
contact with my audience during my shows


*going to my room after a show (At that time I feel terribly alone and I can't fall asleep).

*when they say during a photo session, "This really is the last one!"

*my father's reputation as a womanizer (I inherited his work ethic and his perseverance).

*having a day off (Because I don't know what to do. I've had days without work, and I go crazy! I couldn't go on vacation for a month because I couldn't stand it. I feel like I'm wasting time, like I'm losing part of my life).

*that the press keep putting me up against my father

*cockroaches (I really can't stand them!)
(being too sincere (It's my worst fault).

*when someone picks on the way I am without even knowing me


First love: at age 6.

First platonic love: Marilyn Monroe.

First kiss: Very juicy!

First thought of the day: What am I going to do today?

First erotic dream: I can't say; it's a sin.

First punishment: When I burned my dog.

First sin: When I make that erotic dream come true!

First hobby: Water sports. I love to surf!

First wish: To be a singer; a dream I was able to see fulfilled.

First virtue: I am persistent, a hard worker, and I put my whole heart into everything I do.

First shortcoming: I am too stubborn.

First dream come true: My record contract.

First idol: Superman.